Saturday, 5 September 2015

#InspireMe #3

Recently,I met this amazing young motivational speaker.Am so excited to share his story.Enjoy reading. 

My name is Speaker JC Samson Egbums I am the first born of the Late EDWARD EGBUMS family who hails from Imo state.Currently I am 18years. I attended Gloria nursery and primary school and due to finances l enrolled into Oke Owa united primary school then Adeola Odutola college where I was a top student in chemistry and now I study STATISTICS at Moshood Abiola polytechnic. As a writer and prolific teenage speaker I have written so many articles like 2ND SEMESTER,2ND CHANCE, MIND POWER, SCHOOL OF THOUGHT,and several articles and speeches I have delivered in youth ministry.Currently,am working on my book ''The dozen nuggets of success'' I am a motivational speaker who talks on personal development(a personal development strategist)I get money to finance my works from my personal pocket. My parents' reaction towards this career is encouraging.I combine public speaking and studies by time management and goal setting and applying the pareto 80/20 law.

Earlier this year, I was crowned as the best speaker in Moruf Popoola public speaking championship.I also won the best article in the teenager series online shop. My role models are Fela Durotoye, John C.Maxwell,Joel Osteen, Les Brown, John Mason,Sam Adeyemi while my mentor is Speaker Ife Onaduja. I recently founded an N.G.O for youth speakers who want to impact their world and named it PATHWAYS MOTIVATIONS,in the next 5years i see myself as an international teenage speaker and a top personal development strategist.
My advice for other entrepreneurs is from Abraham Lincoln "If you can dream it,you can do it"... believe in yourself and take a step towards whatever career you choose and don't give up on yourself,God is not giving up on u.
When I started speaking I was rejected severally because people didn't believe in me, but I believed in myself .I started building my confidence and started writing on several areas of development that is why I am where I am today,and I am still moving higher. 

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015


I love colors and i get super excited when i see beautiful mix of colors.I could call it "color combo"

 This beautiful ankara fashion displayed swept me off my feet...


WOW! i found these beautiful picture of nigerian brides in enjoy viewing

who's next???


Hello family!How are you all doing? Today I want to talk about few things that ladies pay attention to in a relationship and the guys(being who they are)ignore these simple things.Enjoy,share with your friend and kindly drop your comments\reactions.

1.SURPRISE HER:Yea that simple! take her on a vacation,buy her a dress,jewelry,whatever,just give her a surprise.Ladies are blown away by surprises.You'll be amazed at the results if you learn to do this every time.By the way,you don't have to go bankrupt trying to give a lady a surprise...simple inexpensive gifts will do-let it come from your heart.

2.RESPECT HER:Ladies appreciate respect.As a good man you should respect her.Listen to what she has to say on issues,let her advise you.Show her love in front of your friends,simple gestures like opening the door for her still work magic! Do not yell at her for any reason...

3.COMPLIMENT HER:Now i can assure you that this works a hundred percent for any lady,anywhere in the world.But i must warm you,do not give false compliments!look for something nice about her and give a compliment.You could compliment a lady on her look and also her personality like ''you look great in this smell like heaven...i love the way you carry yourself'''e.t.c.
 Some guys can be like "wow! you cook better than my mum" ha ha..don't put yourself in trouble brother...have a nice day y'all...

Thursday, 5 March 2015

#inspireMe #2

 On inspireMe today I want to present to you one of Nigeria’s finest artist. His name is Kevin Akhamie. Kevin is young, vibrant and so passionate about what he does. These are excerpts from my interview with him. Enjoy!

There isn’t really much about me though just a simple guy who has a great passion for drawing plus I sing, like having fun, but mostly I spend my time drawing. To me drawing is like I'm creating a universe. My major is graphic design
Yes I'm in school

I’ve been drawing right from elementary school (Jss) I drew on my note books, test papers and desk or anything with a flat surface. There was one time I drew on a bible. Mmmmh probably been drawing for over 7-9 years I guess I didn't really keep record of that.

What I see inspires me to draw and if I have that thirst to draw I loose concentration on anything else that i do

Most people tell me I got talent some appreciate my work and others ask how long have I been drawing. Some ask if I really did the work. LoL

Challenges mmh I think its just one, which is not having enough time to finish up work and having a lot people asking me to do a portrait for them. That's basically my challenge.

 In five years I would be working as a graphic designer and setting up something of my own.

For others like me out there, it's a simple step to getting better at what you do. Just keep practicing, do research and learn from others. Make challenges for yourself trust me u would get better and better if u keep practicing. Thank you
you can follow kevin on instagram @Kevarn23 

Friday, 20 February 2015

What Love Means to 4-8years Olds.

Cera Inspires: What Love Means to 4-8years Olds.: A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds; “What does love mean?” The answers they got were...

FASHION- Red- Stylish-versatile

Wearing red-the color of life and love-can do more than help you stop traffic.Wearing this vibrant color offers women a chance to stand out and make a statement.

"Color is an easy and affordable way to express yourself through what you wear,".Red is an empowering color. Once you feel the lift this color gives your spirits and see the attention it attracts, you may decide to make it a mainstay of your wardrobe all year." there are as many ways to wear red as there are good reasons to do it.

Go Red from head to toe or accent an outfit with red accessories. Carry a fabulous red handbag or kick up your heels in red stilettos. Red isn't just for women, either; men can Go Red by wearing a red shirt, tie or socks.


Pick the perfect red. If your coloring is warm, try a rich tomato or pomegranate. If it's cool, think cherry or scarlet.

Worried about looking washed out? Fill in the neckline of a red blouse or sweater with a scarf in a softer shade or wear red away from your face-in a skirt, pants or boots.

Put a new spin on it. Wear red accessories,. Substitute two tiny red-dress pins for cufflinks on a French-cuffed shirt; tie a red-dress logo scarf around your wrist or use it as a watchband.A red gele wouldn't be a bad idea!

Don't forget your lips, tips and locks. Glossy red lipstick and nail polish are classic ways to add a touch of glamour. Take it a step further and color your hair red-any shade will do.

Be Bold, Be Noticed

Regardless of the shade or the accessory you choose, wearing red can be a fashion statement!